Wendy Smoak


Welcome! Here you can find links to various things that I'm interested in or working on at the moment.

My Flickr stream will give you a picture of the things happening around the farm. Some older photos are on PBase.

I can usually be found on Freenode IRC as wsmoak, Google Talk, or by email at wsmoak /at/ gmail.com. If I'm not online, I'm probably outside in the garden or at the barn with Patrick, my Irish sport horse.

I'm a member of The Apache Software Foundation where I have spent countless hours answering questions, writing documentation, and managing releases for build automation tools Maven, Continuum and Archiva as well as web application frameworks Struts, Shale and MyFaces.


I co-presented an Intro to Subversion talk at Desert Code Camp on October 28th, 2006. The slides are available, as are screen shots from the demos.

Rob and I co-presented Intro to Subversion again, and I also presented an Intro to Apache Continuum at Desert Code Camp on September 15th, 2007.

I presented a Maven Best Practices talk at ApacheCon EU in Amsterdam in May 2008.

At Desert Code Camp IV in May, 2008, I presented an Introduction to Apache Continuum.

In 2009 ApacheCon EU returned to Amsterdam and I presented Apache Continuum: Build, Test and Release.