Interesting things from Week 47 - November 27, 2023 to December 3, 2023

(1) Crafting a Compelling Product Vision - Ebi Atawodi on Lenny’s Podcast

Ebi talks about the frameworks she uses to communicate product vision. One of them is to tell a story. starting with…

Once upon a time, the thing that happened, then one day… And you can actually put the date in 2026. And because of that and because of that… And I usually like to end it with, and finally, this was the last thing you left the world with.

(2) WTF is Data Modeling? (video)

via SeattleDataGuy’s Newsletter with links to talks from the Data Engineering and Machine Learning Summit…

(3) From Data Modeling to MLOps For LLMS: Lessons from the DEML Summit

(4) Sonalee Parekh from RingCentral on the Run The Numbers Podcast on how a public company CFO prepares for an earnings call