I'm presenting "(Why &) How to Contribute to Elixir and Phoenix" at ElixirConf 2015 October 1-3 in Austin, TX. View the slides. We'll be covering:


I co-presented an Intro to Subversion talk at Desert Code Camp on October 28th, 2006. The slides are available, as are screen shots from the demos.

Rob and I co-presented Intro to Subversion again, and I also presented an Intro to Apache Continuum, at Desert Code Camp on September 15th, 2007.

I presented a Maven Best Practices talk at ApacheCon EU in Amsterdam in May 2008.

At Desert Code Camp IV in May, 2008, I presented an Introduction to Apache Continuum.

In 2009, ApacheCon EU returned to Amsterdam, and I presented Apache Continuum: Build, Test and Release.